GLN Registry System in Production

ماهنامه شماره 27 (آبان ماه 1396)

GLN Registry System in Production


By lunching the local GLN registry system for the Iranian users and members at GS1 Iran, the Iranian Food and Drug Organization (FDO) has made the Social Security Organization required to use these Identification Keys to identify its pharmaceutical members while making their payments.

This occurred after introducing the GS1 Identification Keys to the FDO. GS1 Iran has arranged many sessions with the Organization and thus configuring their needs, it provided a Web Service to provide requested services.

INTERANCE By visiting GS1 Iran’s website, the members entered their information and registered towards their memberships.

After completion of their membership financial requirements, they were issued a user-id/password. Entering these credentials at the membership portal, they were permitted to login and enter the required information related to their physical location to receive their GLNs.

PHARMACY The latter activity along with their payment deposits was verified by GS1 Iran which enabled them to receive their GLN codes.

Loading twelve thousands GTINs in GS1 Cloud Pilot Database

GS1 Cloud

GS1 Cloud was officially launched at GS1 Iran as a pilot projects after formation its workgroup.

GS1 Iran’s staff members involved in this workgroup studied its functional implementations, roadmap, and domestic situation. They also notified (contacted) the selected members and gathered product information from GS1 Iran’s internal database.

The loading schema which was projected and implemented at the early phase of test project consisted of following order: two single GTINs via the website, three GTINs by an Excel file, and about thirty GTINs using API all were loaded. GS1 Cloud Product The problem which GS1 Iran confronted was the left-to-right orientation and characteristic of displaying the Persian characters at GS1 Cloud system. This problem was resolved on the test server after contacting the GS1 Cloud team at the Global Office whom we extend our gratitude and appreciation for their assistance on this matter.

There were twelve thousands GTINs loaded in GS1 Cloud database as for the pilot stage following the setup of the IT infrastructure within the forty days of the workgroup formation.

GS1 Iran is prepared to load all GTINs codes once the left-to-right orientation of displaying the Persian characters was totally resolved at the Production Phase as well.

At this moment(november 2017) GS1 Iran started production phase.

GS1 Iran’s attendance at the BASIS seminar in Tehran

basis GS1 Iran has established fortified relationship and cooperation with International Chamber of Commerce – Iran Committee – and would provide its assistance to arrange the Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS) seminar which would encompass the Internet Management.

This seminar would be held on December 25th in Tehran and many authorities and experts including the Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, and some officials from the Information and Communications Technology Ministry, would speak as guest speakers. This seminar has been planned to be broadcasted live. GS1 Iran’s CEO, Mr. Behzad Emrani, will deliver a speech in “Value Chain 4” in which he will discuss the importance of the information standardization and the role of GS1 Federation on the subject matter.