Attendance of GS1 Iran at International Apparel Exhibition (IRAN MODE)

ماهنامه شماره14(مهر ماه 1395)

The fourth international exhibition of Apparel industry was held in Tehran from 3rd to 6th September 2016. Many companies and production firms have introduced their latest innovations and their best clothing products. The apparel equipment manufacturer also participated at this expo and displays their machineries.


The GS1 international coding system was introduced and put in to action by GS1 Iran at this exhibit for the first time. GS1 Iran accordingly arranged a booth to present GS1 solutions and standards in apparel industry from the raw materials through the production and retails.

The booth included 5 working stations were equipped on showing the main elements in the clothing supply chain in each of the station. The purpose of this arrangement was to deliver GS1 solutions and RFID coding system in a more practical and tangible format:

  • Supply of raw materials
  • Garments Manufacturer
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Retail

At each station, GS1 standards features were explained in the practical form. Along with the application of GLN, GTIN, SSCC coding systems by GS1 Iran technical staffs.


Exciting attendance of GS1 Iran at IRAN MODE

Some chocolates were disgned as the shape of the GS1 Iran logo which were served at the exhibit. This seemed impressive and attractted visitors attention on this innovation.

Issuance of the first GLN code

At the same time as introducing different organizations with applications and advantages of GLN codes, GS1 Iran developed the related necessary software infrastructures. The first batch of GLN codes were issued for Iranian companies by GS1 Iran on October 3rd of current year.